My Old Car

June 6, 2018 // by Paula Bohland

I have an older model car with more than 320,000 miles on it. I am quite thankful for this car and its longevity but the vehicle is showing its age. I try to drive it in the city I live in so I don’t get stuck somewhere if it finally decides to quit running. Most notably, this car has a habit of sputtering, backfiring and stalling whenever it is prodded to go a bit faster.

This week I had to go to visit a friend in another city about 30 miles away. I had no other transportation options so I took the car. I made It to the meeting and noticed that I needed gas as I returned. As I pumped the gas I noticed that I had accidentally pumped HIGH TEST gas into my old car. At the time I was a bit frustrated since the gas is much more expensive and the car is so old, and in my thoughts not worth it.

Incredibly, almost immediately the car started performing better. Literally within a mile of stopping at the gas station, it quit sputtering and putting. I was able to drive on the highway at the speed limit with no trouble. I could not believe it.

As I thought about my car, I started to think about me. What am I running on, am I putting the best in my body or am I thinking I am too old and not worth it? If I did take better care of myself would I see results resembling my car’s?

I decided to try it out. I wrote out what my life would look like if I lived a “high test” life. The list has items like healthy food and exercise on it but also includes more rest, laughter, a positive attitude towards myself and less worry. I have been implementing my list.

Well guess what? Unlike my car, I am finding that I can’t just fix the situation with one action and the fix will not be by mistake. However, as I work to live my “high test” life, I am feeling better. I am more rested, laughing more, and happier- one more reason to thank that old car!

Here’s to a “high test week”!


Paula Bohland

Paula Bohland, MSW is an award winning motivational speaker, author, blogger, consultant, and coach who specializes in personal and business development.



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