What Are You Thinking?

June 8, 2018 // by Paula Bohland

“Thoughts are things. Choose the good ones” – Mike Dooley

What are you thinking?

Did you ever stop to listen to your thinking? That sounds kind of weird, but EVERYTHING we do, say and are is managed by our thoughts. Since thoughts proceed and produce what we get out of life, it seems like we should “tune in” once in a while and just listen to what is going on in that head of ours.

If you have thoughts about “not being good enough” or you are telling yourself you are dumb or not qualified, guess what? You probably won’t be good enough or qualified. Even more harmful is the practice of calling yourself negative names, taking away our own dignity, self-worth and value.

Thoughts about life being bad or awful can really kill your joy too. Thinking about how folks mistreat you, will mistreat, or do something bad to you in the future can seriously put you in a bad mood. Also, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The really, really good and exciting thing about this is you can change it all in a second. Just tune in and listen to your thoughts. What are you telling yourself, thinking about the world, your life and what you deserve? You can change the thoughts and think your way into joy, happiness and success. Just try it, spend a few minutes thinking about the last really great thing you did, tell yourself you are amazing and then think about folks you love. I bet you feel happier and more hopeful.

By the way I think you are amazing- Happy Monday!


Paula Bohland

Paula Bohland, MSW is an award winning motivational speaker, author, blogger, consultant, and coach who specializes in personal and business development.



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