The Terrible Too’s

July 23, 2018 // by 

“If cauliflower can become pizza, then you, my friend, can become ANYTHING”

The Terrible Too’s

Sometimes I am plagued with limiting beliefs. The thought pattern is usually like this, “ I am too old to be successful, I am too behind the group who got in at a good time, I am too late”.

When I get into that space and loop of self-talk, I can get really depressed. Then, guess what happens? After I eat a couple of bowls of ice cream and feel sorry for myself, I do nothing. Wow, that really solved the problem. How am I going to be successful when I do nothing?

I was emailing with one of my mentors the other day. This guy is a well -known author, motivational speaker, film maker, author and very successful entrepreneur. He has plenty of money and it seems like all he touches turns to gold. Guess what? He said he does the same thing sometimes! He gets down and tells himself he is too ugly, too fat or too dumb to really have it all. HMM…

Hearing that this guy sometimes experiences “the Terrible Too’s” made a big difference for me. I realized that we are all in this together. We all have those times when the old, negative tapes play very loudly and get stuck in our head like a bad song. Then, much like two year olds we tantrum or do things to harm our best selves, intentions and progress.

Knowing that “the Terrible Too’s” affects many of us is helpful. However, moving beyond the mindset is even more important. Doing that requires a daily practice of reminding yourself of your value, what you bring to the world and self-love. It may also require the help of friends or even a life coach who can remind you of your gifts and the special value you have in this world.

If you are experiencing a version of the “Terrible Too’s today (too old, too broke, too fat, too thin, too negative) move out of it right now! Look around you and realize that there are many successful people who started over and did well later in life -PT Barnum, Colonel Saunders, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Vera Wang, and Charles Darwin to name just a few. If you need some help, get it- there are plenty of options out there.

The key is to let go of that negative self -talk, believe in you and NEVER QUIT!

Cheering for your joy and success!






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