Getting Over The Chaos

November 16, 2019 // by Paula Bohland

When I read the word chaos I think of mess and disorder. When I say it, I FEEL fearful, out of control, and anything but peaceful. I also am reminded of the chaos my mind creates sometimes, especially at night, when I obsess and worry about life, finances, my relationships and whatever else my mind can jump into in this state. Can you relate?

I am sure you have experienced chaos and the feelings it creates. The fear and inability to get passed it keeps many people stuck. No one makes good decisions when their mind is in chaos.

I have created a system for getting out of mental chaos (it will work with physical things such as a messy house as well) and want to share it with you. Below are the 5 first steps to take:

These steps will reset your mind so you can get peace, think clearly, and help you move forward quickly:

  • Step 1. Notice that your mind is in chaos. Thank the chaos for helping you know that something is amiss.
  • Step 2. Take an inventory of WHY you are experiencing the feelings associated with chaos. This inventory will point out ideas, issues and things that you DON’T want (not enough money to pay bills, holiday stress, business not doing well, etc.).
  • Step 3. Use the inventory of what you do not want to create a list of what you DO want. Take your time with this step and get clarity and be specific. For example, if you want more money- how much money?
  • Step 4. Imagine having what you want. Ask Spirit or whatever you call your higher power for it, imagine yourself having it. Feel the feelings of having it, bask in it.
  • Step 5. Take inspired action. Sit quietly, get to peace. Once quiet, wait for ideas and actions to come to your mind that could assist you in getting what you want. When you feel inspired, go act on it.

Try this out, this system has brought me a great deal of clarity, success, joy, and peace. Let me know your thoughts and questions.

Also, if you want more information, assistance and practice with these techniques plan to join me for my upcoming Facebook Challenge, Manifest the Magic December 9th-13th – sign up today!

Paula Bohland

Paula Bohland, MSW is an award winning motivational speaker, author, blogger, consultant, and coach who specializes in personal and business development.



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