Paula Bohland is a dynamic and results-oriented life coach! She is able to adjust messages so they make sense to the individual she is coaching. I like her analogies that make you think about your situation in new and different ways. She doesn't "tell" you what to do, but rather gives you tools, thoughts, and exercises that allow you to figure out your own best outcomes. I'd highly recommend Paula to anyone who feels that they are searching in life, or wants to start a business, or is just looking to make positive changes in their world.

Donna D. Winrich

Sales Executive

Paula Bohland knows how to keep you engaged and excited about life. Her coaching allows you to gain clarity of direction. She encourages you to maintain a successful mindset and leaves you feeling positive knowing that anything is possible. I have progressed greatly within a short period of time. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned and am excited about the future!

Janine K Rhodes - Filmmaker

Este entrenamiento me ha ayudado un montón. Me siento apoyado y inspirado después de cada reunión y durante toda la semana. Es un programa excelente para las mujeres que desean comenzar un negocio o mejorar las que ya tienen y no solo por sus negocios, sino también por su vida personal. ¡Definitivamente recomendado!

Hannah Nadeau